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Fit and Fire Studios Yoga Aberdeen SD Hot Yoga, Barre, Hot HIIT, Aerial Yoga, Buti Yoga, Pilates   
224 1st Ave SE  Aberdeen SD    605-262-0405 OR 605-290-494705-290-4947

The Experience:

A Division of Profiling Beauty Health and Wellness Center, Fit and Fire Studios strives to be on the leading edge of  wellness through natural and scientifically sound methods.  All classes and events are scrutinized to adhere to our posted Mission statement. Tucked in the Briscoe Building, a fun and historical landmark in Aberdeen, SD, Fit and Fire Studios includes showers, changing rooms, two fitness studios, a one on one Private Yoga session and Massage/Spa Room and a third learning studio.   We are located next to a public park and often do yoga activities outdoors

.MIssion Statement of Profiling Beauty

Journey to your most healthy, confident, and nurtured self...
1. Build a community of people who support each other through each of their Journeys... Our teachers come from our students and our students are there to teach us. We all help each other along in our journey.

2. Teach the principle of love yourself now... Honor where you are now, work with your body, not against it

3. Wellness was never just about Fitness and diet... We align our classes with the idea that stress and tension relief, along with other major principles, are just as important and must be incorporated into every class we teach.

4. The natural approach can and does complement science... We stay away from fads of the moment and align our practices and teachings with scientific principles that are sound and able to stand up against scrutiny.

5. Fitness and Wellness do not have to be pretentious, critical, or self-defeating. We support a Kinder, lighthearted and fun approach to learning and participating.

6. The community as a whole should benefit by our presence... Whether a person is our customer or not is irrelevant. We serve the community we are in. Throughout the year, we will constantly seek ways to help the community Through donations, raising awareness or events that are just to lift the spirits of the community


With cutting edge fitness and health classes, we can tailor your journey with our amazing array skilled and certified teachers.   Our goal in fitness to to get the most out of your fitness experience using the latest scientifically sound exercise techniques.  Our goal in health and wellness is to provide a multifaceted approach to healing and vitality.

We boast the largest selection of props in the Yoga community.  With Yoga Wheels, Waker Balls, and more - each designed to not only assist you in yoga poses, but aid the already amazing Myofascial benefits of Yoga, Pilates and Barre.

Our other sister company offers non-toxic (as in NO preservatives, not just natural ones) personal care products along with tailored cosmetic and personal care choices to offer scientifically sound, cutting edge skin and hair care without the toxins.  With this company we can uniquely offer private yoga sessions with spa fusions. 

The Hot Studio (Studio 1)
Heated with healing, nerve and muscle regenerating Infrared Radiant heat - Studio one features Heat Assisted classes.  The room temperature ranges from 101-104 and the humidity is kept at a level of 40-60%.  A state of the art system has been installed to assure air quality.

Hot Yoga Studio

The Aerial and Infrared Light Therapy Studio (Studio 2)

Aerial Yoga can seem to some to be a more challenging, but in truth it is an amazing way to bring great lower back, upper back and neck pain relief AND the fitness classes are really challenging.  In Studio 2 we offer the Infrared Red Light Therapy bulbs which can offer anti-aging effects (it boosts collagen and Elastin production), Nerve and muscle regeneration, hair growth and even help with seasonal affective disorder (SAD),  In studio 2 we also host our kids Yoga program as well as other Fitness, Yoga, Barre, Pilates and even Buti Yoga classes.

Aerial Studio 2


The Educational Studio (Studio 3)

Used often by our sister company Advanced Wellness School.  This private studio offers a projector, a chalk board, and ample room to teach classes, do craft projects and even hold painting events (in cooperation with Colorful Creations).  This space is also offered to our breastfeeding mothers as it offers a quiet relaxed place with fresh water, blankets, refrigerator, microwave and a comfortable couch.

Studio 3 Educational Room


Spa/Massage Therapy and Private Yoga Room

Our sister company Profiling Beauty Spa and Retail offers non toxic personal care and this spa room is designed to offer cutting edge, state of the art spa sessions.  Our massage therapists are highly skilled in the healing arts and offer yet another facet to our overall offering to health and wellness.  In addition, one on one Yoga sessions can be schedule here - in a private, second story setting.

Spa and Massage Therapy Room

Showers and Locker Rooms

Two beautifully tiled private showers will allow you to get your classes in and shower and change.  Non Toxic Personal Care such as shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, lotions and face washes are available at the front desk if you need them.  We have towels to offer, but we suggest that you bring your own.

Lockers are provided for your valuables, we supply the keys that you can keep with you during class

showers and locker rooms

Retail Shop and Check in

Everything sold under the parent company goes under strict scrutiny...embracing natural ingredients but with the assistance of 6 doctors on the staff, our main company in Italy offers skin care, body care and hair care second to none.  Do not be fooled there is NO other company that manufactures to the quality level that we require. 

In addition to our personal care items, we choose other health and wellness related items that can also help you, including aromatherapy, jewelry from local artisans and health drinks and snacks that can be consumed after your fitness or restorative class.

Toxin Free Personal Care ProductsSpa and Retail Store


Upcoming Events


Prenatal Yoga ...1st Thursday of Each Month at 7:00PM


Cat Yoga - Donation Based for the Humane Society..1st Saturday of the Month at NOON



Our Teachers...Our Story
Our Teachers ARE our Story...With our Sister company, Advanced Wellness School and the
addition of our teachers with skills acquired outside our studio, we can offer help along whatever
health or fitness journey you are on.  Click Here to Meet our Teachers
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